eLogistik FAQ

Are you for real?

Yes, we are! eLogistik is operated by The Lorry Online Sdn Bhd, which is a registered company under the Companies Commision of Malaysia (CCM). Our registration number is 1113109-U.

What is eLogistik?

We are a platform that connects drivers who are returning empty and customers who want to transport their goods at an economical price.

For Customers

How do I find empty trips?

You may specify the type of vehicle, the pickup and drop off city and the dates you prefer and the platform will display jobs that match your criteria.

Can I request for extra services such as manpower and wrapping service?

It would depend on whether the transporters indicate in the trip that there are extra services such as manpower & wrapping available.

There are no empty trips going to/from my area. What can I do?

We are sorry to hear that! It means that there is no lorry returning or going to/from your area at the moment. If you require an on-demand service, you may book a lorry, van or 4x4 at

How do I book manpower?

This would depend on whether the transporters who post a trip indicated that they have manpower available.

I am unsure as to which vehicle size I would need.

Please contact our helpline at 012 218 5401 if you are unsure which vehicle size would be suitable for you.

How do I make payment?

At the moment we only accept online payments via eGHL.

How does the payment process work?

The payment you’ve made will be held under escrow until the booking is completed. Once completed, funds will be transferred to the transporters accordingly.

Do you accept payment by cash during pickup?

No, payment can be made online via eGHL only.

What if I have additional dropoffs/pickups?

You may only have one pickup and one drop off destination per booking. Both your specified pickup and drop off destinations should also fall within a 30-kilometer radius of the listed job’s pickup and drop off destinations.

What happens if my items do not fit in the vehicle I ordered?

We advise that you measure the cargo accordingly and use our guide on lorry sizes before making a booking.

I am a company with regular shipments. I'd like to get better rates from you.

Sure thing, please contact us at 012 218 5401 for quotation purposes.

How do I cancel the booking that I've made?

Please provide your booking number and call 012 218 5401.

I wish to cancel my eLogistik booking. What are the procedures?

Please call our helpline at 012 218 5401 and provide your booking number for cancellation. If you cancel your booking 24 hours before the pickup time, we shall credit to your account a full refund. If your cancellation is made within 24 hours of the pickup time, we shall impose a penalty of RM150, and will refund to you the balance remaining, if applicable.

For Transporters

I have a transportation company and am interested in partnering with TheLorry.

We welcome new companies seeking to be part of our network. Please e-mail us at [email protected] or call us at +60 12-3895401 to discuss further.

I am interested in posting jobs with lorries that are returning empty. What do I need to do?

Thank you for your interest in eLogistik! This platform is currently open to drivers and lorry operators who are members of TheLorry network. Please click here for more info on how to be part of TheLorry.